Retrofitting a building using Trigeneration will save you money.

Reduce your carbon emission by 30% with Simons Green Energy

State of the art technology for proven energy recovery

Efficient consumption and cost effective

Simons range of Cogeneration systems provide turn key sustainable solutions

Delivering sustainable energy efficient technologies…

The Simons group are leaders in clean and efficient water heating and cooling, steam and distributed energy equipment in Australia. We provide solutions to our customers’ needs with outstanding products, technology and service quality which makes a meaningful contribution to improving the planet and our customers “bottom lines”. Learn more.

Cogeneration Solutions

cogeneration advantages
Cogeneration or combined heat and power (CHP) systems from 5kW to 3MW.

Cogeneration is a more efficient form of power generation as the losses from transmission are lower providing greater fuel efficiency from generating the power on-site.

With conventional generation, typically coming from a power station, there are siginificant losses both in waste heat and transmission. With CHP generation the heat and power is generated on-site making it more efficient.

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Absorption Chillers

onsite power production
Absorption/Adsorption Chillers for Trigeneration to make chilled water, in sizes from 8kWr to 6,950kWr.

An absorption chiller is a refrigerator that uses a heat source (e.g., Cogeneration System, Solar, Natural Gas, Biogas) to provide the energy needed to drive the cooling system.

These chillers are a popular alternative to regular compressor refrigerators where electricity is unreliable, costly, or unavailable, where noise from the compressor is problematic, or where surplus heat is available (e.g., Cogeneration System…

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Case Studies

Simons Green Energy works in Cogeneration and Trigeneration projects across industries. Here, we share our experience from complete installations

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Energy Facts

In Australia 85% of electricity is produced from Coal. The average family’s electric element hot water heater emits the same amount of greenhouse gasses as the family’s car…

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