Custom built container to house boiler and ancillary equipment delivered to South Headland Power Station

Simons Boilers‘ Engineering Manager, Tapash Chowdhury was engaged by IHI Engineering Australia to provide a custom built container to house a 500kW electric boiler and all ancillary equipment for South Headland Power Station. Scope of works included the design, manufacture, supply and commissioning of the custom built 20 ft container. The container was designed specifically for this project and all components were secured to the container and delivered to South Headland Power Station.

Equipment included

  • VSHP610-498, 498 kw electric steam boiler
  • Blow Down Tank
  • Feed water tank
  • chemical dosing pump
  • Control panel

Tapash and his team should be commended for their dedication to this project.

For more information of if you have a similar requirement please feel free to contact Tapash Chowdhury on 02 8338 8660.


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