Energy Monitoring & Control

The ability to monitor energy production and consumption is a core requirement for facilities managers. Our sophisticated remote control and monitoring solutions integrate both Trigeneration and other HVAC equipment, providing precise control of system parameters.

  • Multiple levels of data monitoring and collection.
  • Intuitive dashboard
  • Real time alerts
  • Reports real-time operational, monitoring and control information
  • Improves pro-active maintenance
  • Easy to install

Our Product Range

Trigeneration Remote Monitoring & Control
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SGE-Vision is a user-friendly, flexible, low-cost monitoring System.

The system will provide the ability to monitor, manage,  optimise and assist in preventative maintenance.

Trigeneration Remote Monitoring & Control


SGE-Vision is a user-friendly, flexible, low-cost monitoring System. It can collect data from an unlimited number of sensors, interfaces and equipment, including temperature, current, pressure, acceleration/vibration and flow rates from generators, HVAC, rotating equipment and pumps.

The system will provide the ability to monitor, manage, optimise and assist in preventative maintenance.

Data can be collected via Modbus industrial communication protocol and a variety of analog and digital sensors.

The real-time information can be viewed via a web page on a computer or mobile device.

Data can also be integrated into your existing analytical monitoring system. E-Vision provides greater visibility with factual data to data to improve performance while taking away the guess-work.





  • 24/7 access
  • Automated SOS alerts (including by mail & text message)
  • Communication with central servers
  • Remote fault detection
  • Diagnosis and rectification
  • Easy access to information in real time
  • Multiple data display (charts, reports, plant view, panel view)


  • Flexible/ Modular/Scalable
  • Low cost
  • Easy to Install, Configure and Use
  • Provides visibility to equipment
  • Integrates with BMS equipment
  • Delivers alerts via email and SMS
  • Flexible reporting
  • Discover issues before they become a problem


E-Vision is completely modular and can monitor an unlimited number of parameters. We can provide a solution incorporating the usage of existing sensors and interfaces, as well as designing and installing a custom set of E-Vison to meet your monitoring and reporting requirements.

Some examples below:

Energy GenerationCogen, Trigen, Solar PV,
Solar THermal, Diesel
Calculating carbon saved through acquired data
Monitoring Gas used
Calculating efficiency of equipment
Predicting faults through acquired data analysis
HVACChillers, air handling
equipment, boilers, etc
Calculating efficiency of equipment
Monitoring of consumed energy
Gathering information to improve peak shaving
Predicting faults through acquired data analysis
Rotating equipmentfans, compressors,
pumps, motors, etc
Monitoring the speed of the pumps and or fans
Monitoring vibration near moving parts
Predicting faults through acquired data
Environmental, Resource,
and Economic Sustainability
fans, compressors,
pumps, motors, etc
Performing automatic tasks and reporting results

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PACKAGES: We can design a package specific for your requirements.


The system’s distributed architecture, includes a range of devices that collect and process data at different levels. A data network is installed locally to gather information from sensors and existing PLCs. Hubs in the local network forward this data through the Internet to remote servers for analysis, and also to display it through secure websites. Data is displayed in different portals to accommodate to clients needs, including an intuitive front end for general public and a technical backend for detailed analysis.

Modular platform is what makes the system scalable, easy to install, upgrade and troubleshoot.


The Benefits

Present real time energy data in a way that is actionable by and relevant to management to improve the overall operational efficiency of the facility.



  • Commercial Buildings
  • Clubs and Aquatic Centres
  • Council buildings
  • Manufacturing Facilities
  • Universities
  • Hotels & Resorts
  • Hospitals and Aged Care
  • Data Centres