Turning waste to energy can be a complex process so it is important that you choose the right supplier to partner with.

Converting waste into useful energy provides businesses with the opportunity to reduce overall operating costs and cut carbon emissions. Simons Green Energy helps businesses across industries to identify such opportunities and designs the best Biogas solution according to each site’s requirements.


1- Waste stream (feedstock) is input to the digester.

2- Through a microbial process, organic material is broken down into Biogas comprising of 60-70% Methane (CH4), the combustible portion of the gas.

3- Biogas produced in the anaerobic digesterĀ or covered lagoon is extracted and compressed to working pressure.

4- If specified by the end use, Biogas is then scrubbed of H2S, which can cause increased wear on mechanical components, and de-humidified.

5- In the case of a Cogeneration system, Biogas is combusted to produce usable electricity and heat.

6- Waste sludge from the digester is high in nutrient content, and can be used as fertiliser, further increasing the value from the entire system and closing the loop on the waste stream.

For more information about how you can generate or use Biogas available in your site please contact our engineering team.

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