Cogeneration Project – Post implementation Review

project-wagga-wagga-oasis-aquatic-centreA year after the installation of a 229kW Cogeneration System at the Oasis Regional Aquatic Centre in Wagga Wagga, the results have proven again that Cogeneration was a good investment. Wagga Wagga’s Oasis Aquatic Centre identified the need to upgrade their conventional heating system to reduce their current and projected energy costs as well as cutting carbon emissions. Simons Green Energy designed and installed the Cogeneration system, taking into account the centre’s consistent electricity and heating demand.

The centre operates 7 days a week and offers a wide range of aquatic programs for kids and adults. Oasis Aquatic facilities comprise a 25 metres indoor pool, a 50 metres outdoors pool, a beach and water leisure areas, a turbo pool, a sports stadium and a children’s playground. A thorough post implementation review was carried out comparing the electricity charges pre and post installation of the Cogeneration system.

The estimated payback for the system is 2.13 years and the carbon emission reduction per year is 945 tonnes. In July 2012 the centre was using an average of 161,825kWh of electricity per month which cost $38,057 compared to December 2014 where the centre was using 56,544kWh of electricity per month at a cost of $16,607. This is a saving of over $20,000 per month in electricity. The usage of gas has increased slightly from 1,114GJ per month compared to 1,616GJ per month post installation resulting in an increase in gas expenditure from $12,140 to $17,435 per month.

The Cogeneration System is fuelled by Natural Gas but supplements the existing gas fired hot water boilers. With the total investment of the system including installation of $373,636 and factoring in maintenance costs, an estimated payback of just over 2 years has been achieved.


   In summary

   Total Investment                                    $373,636 (ex. GST)  

   Maintenance Per year                          $20 000  

   Total payback per year                         $173,852   

   Payback Period                                       2.13 Years








What is Cogeneration?

Cogeneration is the simultaneous production of two forms of energy- electricity and heat, from a single fuel source.  The waste heat produced in Cogeneration can be used for space heating, domestic water and pool heating, and process hot water and steam.

Simons Green Energy is a leading provider of sustainable energy solutions and is backed by 80-years of experience through its sister company Simons Boilers. Simons Boiler’s range includes gas, electric and condensing steam and hot water boilers. Simons Green Energy designs tailored solutions to meet clients’ requirements, offering full Cogeneration and Trigeneration solutions from micro-cogeneration systems of 5kW up to 2MW.  This approach ensures the highest levels of system performance, greatest return on investment and complete customer satisfaction.

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