Gas / Biogas Micro Cogeneration - Stirling Engine


The Qnergy micro Cogeneration (Micro CHP) unit is designed to provide both heat and power for light commercial or large residential applications.

This innovative product uses an advanced technology to satisfy the energy requirements of the facility and do it quietly, efficiently, and with ultra low emissions. Qnergy can operate on a wide range of fuel types which will provide the best value to the customer.

RANGEQnergy  7.5 kWe units that can be “cascaded” together to meet the demands of larger on- site applications. A Qnergy 3.5kWe unit is under development.


Operates with various fuels including natural gas, oil, solar, wood, biomass and biogas

Unique Stirling engine with an extremely efficient combustion process, See below for “how it works”

Operational efficiency of up to 95%, providing the best value to the customer

Thermal efficiency of 83% (LHV)

Zero maintenance required

Great alternative for boiler replacements in any facility where there is a heat requirement.

Multiple systems can be “cascaded” together to meet the demands of larger on- site applications.

How it works?

Using the highly efficient Stirling Cycle thermodynamic process, Qnergy’s free-piston Stirling engine (FPSE) can create electricity from virtually any heat source. The heat input creates a temperature differential across the engine causing the helium inside the sealed chamber to expand and contract, which in turn drives the reciprocating motion of the piston. The FPSE directly converts the reciprocating motion of the piston into electrical power via linear alternator.

The Qnergy engine has fewer moving parts than traditional kinematic Stirling engines, and no direct-contact points that cause wear and require lubrication. Thus, the Qnergy engine is truly a maintenance free technology that offers long-life performance. These two key features make it an ideal power source for combined heat and power applications.

Simons Green Energy are exclusive distributors of Qnergy Micro CHP in Australia

Sizes Available

  • 7.5 kWe

Fuel Sources

  • Natural Gas
  • Biogas
  • Wood
  • Biomas
  • Solar
  • Oil

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