Biogas + Cogeneration

Set to pay itself back in approx 3 years…

Simons Green energy (SGE) was engaged to assess the abattoir for suitability for a large cogeneration system including a biogas capture, processing and mixing facility.  SGE was subsequently appointed the project and is currently installing the system.  We are currently installing the system and are expecting the system to come online late November 2019. 

The system involves two SGE-42HM 1000kW Siemens cogeneration units set to deliver power and heat to the abattoir.  SGE have also covered three of the existing anaerobic lagoons (to capture the methane generated) and have installed gas processing equipment, a flare and biogas mixing system for the cogeneration systems. 

The Cogeneration systems have a maximum output of 2000kW and 1900kW of heat.  The biogas system have a predicted maximum biogas generation of approximately 80m3/hr, and will provide a portion of the gas required for the generation.  The system will generate over the operating hours of the facility and is predicted to effectively reduce emissions of the plant, its electricity and heat generation, and waste management by approximately 15,000 Tonnes per year, which is equivalent to taking over 3,000 cars off the road per year.  The system also has a very positive financial benefit, it is set to pay itself back in approximately 3 years.

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